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2023 Rashid Abubakar and Lucia Acosta get interviewed by The New Humanitarian.

2023 Educació per a la Justícia Global: Endevina qui ve a classe avui from Fora de Quadre on Vimeo.

2016 Blog post about Rashid’s migration journey
You make a decision and you start your journey.


2019 CEHDA: Fighting for the right to migrate

2013 Filming workshop for women
Esborrem estereotips, creem diversitat 


2017 CEHDA and Conreu Sereny: Organic horticulture course for migrant people at risc of exclusion

2013 Special Mention 5th Award CMIB

2017 Interview with CEHDA at 'Ràdio Sant Vicenç'

2012  CEHDA Reportage at 'Tot per Ghana - Televisió de Catalunya'

2015 New Roots Trailer: A Documentary about CEHDA in Catalonia

2013 Chapter by Rashid Iddrisu, founder of CEHDA about his migration journey
 Migrants, Borders and Global Capitalism-
West African Labour Mobility and EU Borders


2012 First Price 'Concurso Enraizados - Barcelona Ghana Revolution' 

2010 Para todos La2 - Entrevista a Rashid Iddrisu, fundador de CEHDA