Workshops and talks

A big part of our work throughout the year is to offer workshops and talks at schools  and to professionals working with migrant youth and adults born in countries mostly in the African continent.

The workshops focus on migration and its history and complexities as well as on the prevention of racists attitudes by making explicit some of the most common misconceptions and internalized biases. One of our most popular workshops is called “Amb Veu Pròpia” [With Your Voice]. The structure of these workshops act as a pedagogical mechanism for children and youth to reflect about migration. As part of these workshops we work alongside participants to develop tools and campaigns for social transformation. The collective of migrant people that we host at CEHDA offer their direct testimonies emphasizing injustices they have experience when exercising their right to migrate.

MigrART is the awareness workshops that we do with High Schools students in Barcelona city, as well as throughout the province. In these workshops, through the testimonies and facilitation roles of migrant people, we learn about the violation of rights that many migrant people suffer throughout their migratory journey and upon arrival in Europe; and we do it through art, imagination, and dance to propose creative ideas to reverse this situation.

If you are interested in our workshops send us an email and we will arrange a meeting to discuss further possibilities for collaboration:


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