We believe that trainings and awareness-raising are drivers of societal transformations towards well-being and sustainability.

At CEHDA we offer trainings, workshops and talks to adults and youth across diverse economic backgrounds and professions, to generate spaces of well-being from interculural, intersectional and equity lens. We also regularly partake in community fairs, exhibits and celebrations to raise awareness about the realities of the people that we accompany and host as well as to facilitate a space where their voices can be heard. We also run these workshops  We also run this workshops to think critically about current glocal realities that strongly shape the circumstances of thousands of people that migrate or that consider migrating in the near future.

El Bon Cistell is the other main awareness-raising mechanisms. We have developed it for those citizens of Barcelona who wish to cook with organic produce while also supporting a social project that improves the conditions of people who have migrated to Catalonia.