Experiential coaching

Experientilal coaching to promote wellness and group intelligence in organizations and companies  to improve collaboration skills through intersectional and intercultural approaches that generate more inclusive, creative, effective, satisfied and resilient work cultures. 

We coach teams to improve teamwork and professional well-being. Skills we can develop with your teams are:

  • Training in gender equity and the intersectional view: recognition of unconscious biases.
  • Effective communication: active listening, assertive feedback, non-violent communication.
  • Adaptation and resilience: knowing how to identify what puts us out of the comfort zone and capitalize on capabilities and learning for adaptations to new situations.
  • Reflect in a transformative way: recognize and diagnose work challenges (personal or group) to be able to change team dynamics.
  • Ability to work in intercultural environments: Transmit ideas and listen with an open mind to different cosmologies and epistemologies for greater creativity and innovation. Identify your unconscious biases and prejudices.
  • Network analysis capabilities: Net-Map training for strategic changes.
  • Improved management: develops a group awareness of working and achieving common goals through improved time management, group commitment, common agreements and effective meetings

For more information contact us cehdaghana@cehdaghana.org