Global Justice Education – Transformative Education

This academic year, we continue to work towards transformative education, and we have already begun with the students of INS Puigvert in Barcelona. Always alongside diverse role models in the classroom, we address the right to migrate, social and environmental justice, and the imperative need to be part of the necessary changes.
As one of the outcomes of the work done…

Introducing the New Team at CEHDA

In 2023 we ended it with many novelties at the technical team level of CEHDA.
Farewell to Ana Elia
On one hand, Ana Elia, who has been a volunteer for many years and since 2020 a worker of the entity, leaves to open new paths, and we want to thank her for her dedication and professionalism. Thank you very much AnaElia and…

Why becoming a donor partner of CEHDA?

Small organizations such as ours are nourished and enabled by donor partners that offer monthly donations, sharing in this way, a little bit of their wealth. The wealth of their generosity. To share some euros or dollars for things that you believe in, enables other people to do what you can’t reach out to do. We are many the organizations, collectives…