Why becoming a donor partner of CEHDA?

Why becoming a donor partner of CEHDA?

Small organizations such as ours are nourished and enabled by donor partners that offer monthly donations, sharing in this way, a little bit of their wealth. The wealth of their generosity. To share some euros or dollars for things that you believe in, enables other people to do what you can’t reach out to do. We are many the organizations, collectives and local associations that weave with our work solidarity threads between people who have the economic resources but not the time with those who need it to access to opportunities that they haven’t had, for a variety of external circumstances. We not all have the same opportunities:


We at CEHDA work to improve the opportunities of migrant people in Catalonia as well as to improve opportunities of rural communities in the Savannah Region of Ghana. We also work weaving intercultural networks that help break down stereotypes about migration and promote a more humane society. We are in the midst of a campaign called CEHDA 100/30 to welcome 100 new donor partners in 30 days! The new monthly donations we receive will go to:

  1. support migrant people in Catalonia in risk of social exclusion.  We support them by offering permaculture trainings with the aim to finding work in the agricultural sector. We also offer activities to get to know the city and surroundings, accompanying them in the process of regularization of their status with the local administration – which includes looking for job offers that meet their needs.
  2. support people in Ghana who consider migrating. If they choose to migrate is their right, but we work so that their choice to migrate is not informed by the lack of local possibilities that offer a bright future. Cocreating opportunities with local collaborators  is part of our work in Ghana.


In what follows we expose the reasons for you to become a donor partner of CEHDA:

  •  Because you believe in the need for a just and sustainable glocal society
    • glocal: because in today’s global scenario we can’t blind ourselves to the fact that our behaviours and local actions (in your ‘hood, province, or country of residence) have and impact (social, economic, cultural, environmental, etc) very far from us; and vice-versa.  Therefore, we can’t ignore the impacts of our behaviours and life simply because they don’t affect us directly.
    • just: because not everyone was born with, and grew up with, the same privileges, and  because competitiveness and individualism seems drive much of our surroundings.
    • sostenible: because our human lives are “just a brief heart-beat” in the words of  Jorge Drexler. So, how not to think about all those who will come after us and about everything that lives around us!


  • Because for the past 12 years we have been offering opportunities to people that allowed them to get very far, thanks to the support of donor partners and collaborators who believe in migrant justice and in sustainable practices. Check our site for more information about our projects in Catalonia and in Ghana.  Here is also a video that summarizes the experience of Issac one of our participants in the Catalunya project.

  • Because at CEHDA we cocreate intercultural spaces that break stereotypes and bring together different communities in Ghana and in Catalonia. You are invited!
  • Because in 12 years we have overcome many obstacles and have collectively learned a lot about how to accompany, care for, and work together for a fairer world, where migrating is a right at everyone’s reach.
  • Because we are a small organization that supports a community that is often made invisible and in the Covid-19 era and post-Covid-19 era, we are going to need all the support we can get to stay afloat given all of the cuts that are being predicted.
  • Because you know someone in the organization and gives you reassurance and confidence in our work.
  • Because you stand in solidarity with migrant justice matters and are concerned about people not having equal opportunities.


This image has been widely circulated over the internet. We like it because it opens de door to wonder about the difference between equality and equity and its repercussions into our everyday lives.


Below you will find more details about CEHDA 100/30 Campaign:

Donations English-03

If you want to become a donor just write us an email and we will collect some simple information from you to process the direct debit monthly payment from our bank account. It is very simple! If you have a paypal account you can simply use this link to become a donor. For any question or comment please contact us by email or through Facebook!


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