Projects in Catalonia

CEHDA works for the reception, personal support, training and self-employment of migrant people from the African continent who are at risk of exclusion in Catalonia and find themselves to be in an irregular administrative situation.

Migrant people who have entered to Spanish territory without a visa, to regularize their situation with the local administration, they need to be registered in Spain for three years without interruption before they can look for a job offer that allows them to have a residence and work permit. During this time, they are living a situation of social exclusion that makes them invisible. If, in addition, they don’t understand the language and they don’t know of available resources, the situation becomes very complicated.


  • We support newcomers upon their arrival and during the rooting process. We do this by offering a place to live, socialization opportunities, public transit cards, public health, literacy and language workshops, as well as permaculture training and internship opportunities to increase employability. All of this is offered with the support of expert associations with which we collaborate. In addition we also offer cultural outings to get to know the surroundings.
  • We look for job postings to integrate migrant people into the labour market, particularly focused on the agroecology sector.
  • We offer free legal advice on foreign affairs thanks to Noves Vies
  • We raise awareness about the realities of Ghanaian people in Catalonia by offering spaces to voice peoples experiences and think critically, and by conducting training and awareness raising activities on themes such as allyship, solidarity and cooperation
  • We bring closer the Catalan and the Ghanaian community by co-creating and sharing cultural expressions such as music, altogether aiming at surfacing the value of our differences and the value of our exchanges.


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