Projects in Ghana

For more than ten years we have been supporting the development of local projects that meet local needs, so that young people in localities such as Sawla do not have to migrate due to a lack of promising life prospects.

The activities we carry out in Ghana are mainly located in Sawla, a town found in the Savannah Region, in the northwest of the country. This is a region of great cultural richness that is mainly dedicated to agriculture and trade. Sawla, with a current diverse population of about 10,000 inhabitants, is a unique town and at the same time a town like so many others in the region, from where many people migrate every year to large cities or to Europe, due to a lack of prospects of an encouraging future in the town.

  • We facilitate access to education to children at risk of social exclusion.

  • We carry out environmental projects such as organic farming with local participation.
  • We offer spaces to talk about environmental or social issues based on local interests, such as meetings to talk about migration or health.
  • We promote the revitalization of the people’s own traditional cultural expressions as a fundamental element of local reaffirmation.
  • We support initiatives that promote local concerns aimed at developing local and sustainable employment opportunities.