Children’s Project

This project is a local and transformative educational experience to support extended families in Sawla by providing an after school program for their kids that includes experiential learning activities to get the kids excited and motivated to keep learning at school and in the town at large.

With this project and since 2007, we have been supporting extended families in Ghana who care for children who, for several  reasons, are not with their biological parents. Historically these boys and girls run the risk of being sent to orphanages, where they often lose touch with their local culture and become socially detached from their remaining relatives and friends.

This initiative alleviates the social and economic added burden of these families, providing families with educational activities for children and financial support to afford school needs (such as buying books, school supplies) and medical needs. In this way, we accompany these children in the development of their curiosities and abilities so that, together with their families, they can enjoy a more enriching childhood, youth and adulthood for all.

This project also allows families to engage in activities through which to work together, and in a transformative way, towards a future with greater local opportunities for themselves and their children. Beyond formal education, there is an increasing interest, according to community’s feedback, on revitalizing traditional culture through games, dances, stories and music. Some of these traditional artistic expressions have been getting lost and we believe, along with the local community, that those are important pillars for individual and cultural reaffirmation and pride.

Currently, we are in the process of reviewing the project, studying several possibilities to improve its economic viability as well as developing mechanisms to increase local participation in the development of activities that promote local knowledge. With the aim of making the project work in a self-sustaining way, in recent years we have worked in a participatory way to train a local team. We still have work to do, so that the projects in Sawla are fully economically sustainable on a local scale. In this sense we are initiating local and international collaborations to develop economically profitable projects related to the objectives of CEHDA.

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